My name is Amanda, and I watched the strongest woman I ever met fight a disease she had zero control over. I am sure that every one of you reading this has been affected by cancer one way or another. For me, it was my Mom.
My mother raised two girls on her own. She was tough and taught us to take on the world with whatever we were given. That is exactly what she did when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The cancer eventually spread to her bones and brain, yet she never stopped believing that she would beat cancer. It was amazing how well she handled what was happening to her body. As my mother's primary caregiver, I would take her to her chemotherapy and radiation appointments. We had the opportunity to sit and visit with many other people affected by cancer. This experience really did tug at my heartstrings. The financial burden of someone going through cancer can be overwhelming. Most people cannot work during treatment and some even worry about how they will pay their bills. I began to ask myself, “is there something that I can do to help these people?”
I am just one person, a daughter, who watched her Mom be taken by cancer. I created Heartstrings Clothing Co. in memory of my Mom with the mission of helping individuals and families facing financial hardships while fighting cancer. Through Heartstrings Clothing Co. you can purchase some amazing apparel for yourself and others with 20% of the proceeds going towards helping someone in need. If I can help just one family battling cancer have a brighter tomorrow, it will all be worth it.
In Loving Memory of my Mother, Wanda 1962-2020